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The faith in a mother’s art

Gitl Braun’s journey from full-time mother to artist is as remarkable as her work. From The Times August 4, 2007 After the Camp David accord of 1979, three lifesized sculptures were made of the signatories. One went to Jimmy Carter, and is now [...]

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Thrilling Modesty

The Photography of Gitl Braun David Breuer-Weil, artist and ex director of Sotheby’s London, January 2007 Art has a life of its own. For decades now critics have predicted the demise of art but it stubbornly refuses to lie down. Like seeds in [...]

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Haredi mother of eight makes her art

Debut with exhibit at London gallery Jerusalem Post | By Jonny Paul January, 22, 2007 The inaugural exhibition of sculptor and photographer Gitl Wallerstein-Braun opened on Sunday at Riccardo Giaccherini, a top central London art gallery. Gitl Wallerstein-Braun is no ordinary artist. As [...]

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The female gaze

By Jackie Wullschlager FT’s chief visual arts critic and author of the acclaimed biography: Chagall, Love and Exile March 7, 2009 Is women’s art different from men’s? At the 1845 Salon, Baudelaire praised Eugénie Gautier because “her painting has nothing to do with woman’s [...]

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No folds barred

The Guardian | By Ellie Levenson March 13, 2007 How does a deeply religious artist explore sensuality? With fabric, photographs and a pomegranate, reveals Ellie Levenson In the Hassidic Jewish community of Stamford Hill in north London, artists are as rare as women who [...]

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Gitl Braun

GitI Braun takes an Orthodox approach to photography Jewish Chronicle January 2007 After almost two decades looking after her children, the Stamford Hill mother-of-eight has taken to new career: photography. Gitl Braun, 57, tells People: “What I am doing is very rare in our Orthodox community, but [...]

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Public Interview

At the opening ceremony of: British Library ‘Sacred on Location’ Exhibition at the Bruce Castle Museum London N14 from www.annesebba.com By Anne Sebba 8/8/2007 I have known Gitl for just about a year and in that time have been completely bowled over by her [...]

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The Guardian | by Stephen Bates April 12, 2007 The Jewish sculptor and photographer Gitl Braun, pictured, has chosen what at first sight is an unlikely location for her forthcoming exhibition, Eve’s Daughters, in east London next month. It’s going to be at the Jagonari Women’s Educational [...]


Saatchi Online Top 10

Chosen by Morgan Falconer The New York-based critic Morgan Falconer, who is a frequent contributor to The Times (London), Modern Painters and ArtReview, as well as being one of Saatchi Online’s regular New York correspondents, selects 10 artists registered on Saatchi Online – a very mixed international [...]

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Out in the Open

In her fifties, a Hasidic Londoner becomes an artist By Jude Stewart Two years ago, at the age of fifty-six, Gitl Braun graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Within a year, one of her works – described [...]

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